Health Records popularly known as Health Information is maintained in all and even the smallest health facility such as Nursing hones, ambulatory care centers,long term health facilities and health clinics where people are treated as in and out patients


Medical Records is a permanent history and progress of a person's illness or injury; it represents all the observation and findings recorded by the patient's physician and other members associated with the care of the patient





To promote excellence in Health Information Management, leadership, policy, Research for health care industry and the public.

Health Information Managers Association of Nigeria is a profession with over 20,000 credentialed members working throughout the health care industry. These professionals perform their duties competently and apply appropriate skills in managing, analyzing, utilizing and dissemination of data vital for patient care managemet.
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  We strive to do what we say we will do.Discipline by each health care professional is paramount.  
To be the professional society that support and improve Health Care delivery by advancing best practices and standard of Health Information Management  that is suitable for education, Research and professional certification and credentialing.  Also to develop a culture that emphasizes openness to new ideas, training that support team achievement and qualitative services.
To be a Member of HIMAN, a person must have studied Health Information and graduated from a University

The history of medical records runs parallel with the history of medicine. Records are necessary for the practice of medicine as medications are for effective treatment and they seem to have been found in the caves of the old stronenge and silhouettes depicting trephine and amputation of finger appear on the wall of Paleolithic cavern of Spain. These data back to about 25,000B.C.

Clniical coding, ICD10, electronic health research, searchable online request or publication on health information is available.


The journal will cover technical, clinical law, administration, information amongst others and bioengineering studies related to Health information and well being including ethical and social issues. The journal gives preference to clinically oriented studies. The journal would publish peer-reviewed original research papers, case reports, systematic reviews, meta-analysis and debates.




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1st International Health Information Management Conference for Africa

To be held at the National Sickle Cell Foundation, Lagos, Nigeria - August 12th to 14th 2014

The Health Information Manager’s Association of Nigeria(HIMAN) and the International Federation of Health Information Management Associations (IFHIMA) are pleased to invite delegates from Africa and from around the world to attend this important conference for the Africa region.

The conference theme is“Knowing It Better” – this is a concept and process-oriented information system in the healthcare industry, which involves the implementation and adoption of EHR and developing standard procedures for categorizing diseases for morbidity and mortality reporting. The result of the integration of EHR would address specific characteristics in the healthcare processes, increase the quality and effectiveness of medical services including shared semantics of healthcare domain concepts designed to strengthen communications amongst healthcare providers.


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